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"top best sound bars: top 10 best sound bar speakers for your HD TV"

Thursday, February 2, 2012

top 10 best sound bar speakers for your HD TV

10 super soundbars to give your flat telly some sound welly

Is your super-slim LED TV on Sonics? Manufacturers of flat screen television have had to sacrifice decent speakers to achieve the kind of measure millimeters of thinness thatpeople want to buy - and at the expense of sound quality.

Having taken home and discovered that thin screen audio is - Shock Horror - almost asimpressive as his alarm clock bedside, his penance for superficiality is to invest in a sound bar.

Conveniently (ironically, some would say) that come from more or less the same markingsas the TV, and come with different ambitions sound by simply increasing the volume andthe replacement of your home theater with a "virtual" surround sound set underway.

Countless soundbeams, calibrations of rooms and lots of internal math later and the sound bar is ready to redefine modern cinema 'one box' home. The latest must-have accessoryAV? Here are 10 of the best surround sound projectors all.

10 best soundbar speakers for your hd tv: panasonic sc-htb520

Panasonic SC-HTB520 –

2.1-channel "home theater" with a wireless subwoofer, Panasonic Soundbar is designed to be mounted on a wall below a flat screen TV - Ideally a 42 inch.

Basically, you work with 3D settings, and support for the current 3D image signal and the arc (Audio Return Channel).

With a mirror finish and material of black stainless steel mesh almost - but not quite - protection of the driver units from view, it is a powerful option in relativamente 240W.Comes with a shot down, and open dialogue wireless subwoofer that projects the sound sosubtly upwards to create the illusion that the voices come from the center of the screen.Nice idea.

10 best soundbar speakers for your hd tv: yamaha yas-101

Yamaha YAS-101 – 

King of the pseudo-surround sound Yamaha has always been, the company that came up with the idea six years ago, so stoically still called the front surround sound system. It is present here in its umpteenth, but more affordable (and basic), incarnation, and unlike its rivals makes the subwoofer from the main unit.

Your main promise is that its technology offers AIR SURROUND XTREME surround sound (of decoded Dolby Digital and DTS) similar to a 7.1 setup. That's a bold claim. The actual unit combines two cone speakers with a subwoofer, which are driven by a digital amplifierwith a total power of 120W.

Exceptionally, the base of intermittent IR acts as a repeater for instructions emanating from a TV remote, which is useful if the YAS-101 is positioned in front of a TV, blocking the IR receiver.
10 best soundbar speakers for your hd tv: pioneer htp-sb510

Pioneer HTP-SB510 – 

The system 3.1 is comfort, with an integrated subwoofer, an HDMI repeater and a USB connection for connecting an iPod or iPhone.

The HDMI repeater is ready for 3D, while a digital connection to the USB port means you can browse the contents of an iPod or iPhone directly from the HTP-SB510 remote.

Is the multi-channel acoustic calibration system is more important, a supplied microphone, you must connect the system to measure the size and sound fields of your living room.

The stakes are high, because the data is used to calibrate and customize in the frontal plane of the HTP-SB510 Surround Advance function - Pioneer acquire almost surround sound from a sound bar.
10 best soundbar speakers for your hd tv: roth bar 1

Roth BAR 1 

If you are reluctant to give more money to the same brand specc'ed cruelly under the TV speakers, first, how about trying a bright new British company? The elegant bar Roth a sound bar - with wireless subwoofer can sit nine meters from the main unit - promisesimproved sound of eight mid-range drivers and two high-frequency tweeters.

Measuring 780 x 57 x 96mm, the BAR1 can be mounted on the wall (one bracket is available separately). Strange as it only provides analog hook-ups to a TV (two singles and a 3.5mm jack stereo RCA), despite having at least be possible to use with almost anyaudio gadget.

10 best soundbar speakers for your hd tv: orbitsound t12v3

OrbitSound T12v3 – 

The third attempt this year renewed British designed a stab in the sound bar has to do with 'space music'. Instead of current glossy black finishcan not appeal, but the depth and width of your audio, no doubt.

But do not confuse this with a home theater high end - the T12v3 OrbitSound is as much about comfort and performance.

There is an iPhone dock above the T12v3 relatively rare, but can connect to virtually anyaudio source.

Along with a wireless subwoofer, the main unit - in 'wide' - sends stereo sound can be heard anywhere in a room. It's almost the end of the 'sweet spot' and listen to the edges ofa room-filling sound is not in the traditional sense, but at least make the idea of ​​a stereohome theater more powerful - and pleasant palate.

10 best soundbar speakers for your hd tv: boston acoustics tvee model 30

Boston Acoustics TVee Model 30 – 

The last TVee Soundbar Boston Acoustics brings Bluetooth to the audio. Able to stream music via wireless technology from a PC or any smartphone, the Model 30 also featuresan auxiliary input on the thread on an iPod and its ilk. A special stereo mode "evenpromises concert quality music playback.

Despite a musical inclination, this bar 3.1-channel sound is an effort to bridge the gap between the TV speakers 40 inch + and a home theater. Give a Virtual Surround Soundmode (with Dolby Digital) that is designed to envelop the listener in quasi-5.1 the effects of the three mid-bass drivers and three dome tweeters.

With analog or optical digital hooked to a TV, TVee Model 30 can be mounted on the wall and its volume controlled by TV remote control most brands.

A matching wireless subwoofer is also fashion and imitation AirPlay Apple Bluetooth connectivity as an appeal to the owners of iPod and MP3.
10 best soundbar speakers for your hd tv: philips css2113

Philips CSS2113 

Announced at IFA 2011 and reaching the shores of the UK imminently, Philips latest effortin a sound bar is typical of the genre in that it is unfortunate improve the sound most TVs,but within a slim - only 65 mm - that's the problem with the TVs in the first place!

However, this means that this solution super-thin, 70 cm wideis the profile low enough to sit in front of any TV. It is also fairly well specified, with a separate wireless subwoofer (withBass mode in the trailer), virtual surround sound technician who seeks to replicate a home theater 5.1, and wall mount accessories, all included.

This system has also secured music 20W iLink, a relatively basic cable option that promises to improve the sound quality of compressed music from a laptop, iPod, phone ortablet.

10 best soundbar speakers for your hd tv: samsung hw-d570

Samsung HW-D570 – 

As with most home theater devices Samsung, the elegant HW-D570 comes with an iPhonedock cable separately. But unlike most surround sound projectors, this one is aimed to large televisions.

Created for a television partner of 46 inches - ideally a range of Samsung LED TVs D8000flagship, as the UE46C8000 - this SoundBar is an extra large 2.1 of simple configuration.80W stereo speakers and subwoofer to achieve 150W is wireless.

That makes it easy to place the sub, and although the iPhone dock cable is not as flexible, which is loaded to its host, and sound transmission to the main unit of the HW-D570. Otherconnectivity includes two HDMI inputs along with analog ports and digital optical audio.
10 best soundbar speakers for your hd tv: yamaha yht-s401

Yamaha YHT-S401

The front of the flagship surround sound bar system instigators of Yamaha YHT-S401 is a product that is a bit more versatile than their siblings.

Air Surround Xtreme also offers to create a 7.1 surround sound effect without rear speakers, the YHT-S401 is adjustable in height. This is clearly a system designed forperformance and not just convenience - the YHT-S401 is accompanied not only by aseparate subwooferbut for an AV receiver.

The severity of this system is stimulated by the appearance on the AV receiver three HDMI inputs and one output. Just in case you thought Yamaha was cutting corners, a dock foriPhone also includes a good measure.

10 best soundbar speakers for your hd tv: pioneer htp-slh600

Pioneer HTP-SLH600 

Another offering from the brand of Bluetooth audio streaming, but through an optional adapter for £ 65, is a pioneer in sound bar sound wing flagship.

Like the Yamaha YHT-S401, the Pioneer HTP-SLH600 ships with both a subwoofer and an AV receiver, in this case Pioneer VSX-S300, which is sold by itself for around £ 299. It is equipped with four HDMI inputs - one more than the Yamaha. And, despite the option ofBluetooth, iPod oriPhone as normally be connected via the mini-SLH600 of HTP.

The sound bar itself is ultra-thin, 25.5 mm, while Pioneer promises a "strong presence" of the sound quality of the large amount of HD audio codecs this sound bar high end may be facing.


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